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About us

In 2020, during the worldwide lockdown, our lives were affected by losing jobs in the hospitality field. Forced stay-at-home regulations meant that usual options of spending free time in restaurants, cafes and supermarkets became no longer available, so we began seeking comfort in nature, where we discovered its beautiful gifts: pinecones, acorns, berries, wood & flowers and an idea was born to bring nature indoors. We started by making seasonal decorations from our findings for our home until we realised how much we enjoy the process. What began as a hobby developed into our passion project and mission to introduce an alternative version of plastic-free home decor. 

Dried lotus


Decopine was created out of creativity and love for nature - things that we would like to share with you. ​


We believe in nature and sustainability.


Our products are made from natural, organic, recyclable materials and are designed to consciously decorate your home with the aim of reducing the harmful impact on the environment.

Our home decorations consist of decorations for the baby's room, bedroom, kitchen, walls, festive table, outdoor, seasonal celebrations and gifts. All the decorations we create can be personalized to your preference to incorporate them into your home interior design without creating any extra waste.


The packaging is also made from environmentally friendly materials.


We believe that home decorating can be ethical and beautiful at the same time. We care for our planet and people and our main goal is to motivate sustainable interior and mindset. We would like to change the belief that natural & organic materials are not long-lasting. Most of our decorations and gifts last for several years before starting to change their shape and start naturally decomposing. Decopine wants to lead as an environmentally conscious brand by providing you with a large number of exclusive eco-friendly products to integrate nature-inspired elements into your everyday home life. 

Quirky and extraordinary. We strive to be creative and make you feel special by providing unique pieces that would never be found anywhere else. Each decoration and its elements are crafted by hand and designed to your preference.


natural sets
Dried wheat and pinecone stems

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